About BioFuels Energy

BioFuels Energy, LLC. is a privately held corporation located in San Diego, California. The company is currently developing renewable energy projects wherein BioFuels collects biomethane gas from landfills, wastewater treatment plants and anaerobic digesters, purifies and condenses the biomethane and then delivers the product, either in CNG trucks or via utility pipelines to BioFuels' customer's location. The biomethane product can be used in clean-burning fuel cells producing energy for the customer, input directly into customers existing power generation units and/or used as CNG to provide fuel for vehicles. The result for the customer is cheaper electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At a time when social activism regarding the degradation of the environment is at an all-time high and companies face increasing pressures to “go green,” BioFuels is able to address these concerns, while simultaneously financial benefiting every party involved. Meanwhile, through its array of strategic alliances, and the long-term power purchase agreements with customers, BioFuels is uniquely positioned to deliver benefits to supplier and customer alike, in a manner that is both efficient and reliable.

BioFuels main business sectors consist of:

  • Biomethane Utilization
  • Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power
  • Cogeneration