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Maximizing Use of Renewable Biogas


In recent years, legislation has been enacted on both the state and federal level to promote the creation and distribution of clean, renewable energy. By incentivizing renewable, carbon-neutral energy, while penalizing those who fail to curb emissions, these laws have attempted to proactively promote the development of an alternative energy market. BioFuels Energy provides the market with unique Renewable Energy Solutions by combining biomethane resources with energy users through unique delivery systems.

An example of BioFuels unique Renewable Energy Solutions includes connecting the dots from remote (unusable) biomethane resources such as landfills or wastewater plants to renewable energy for cities or universities. The BioFuels unique solution involves either transporting the biomethane in CNG trucks to the energy source or injecting the biomethane into the natural gas pipeline.

BioFuels currently owns and operates a biomethane gas purification plant at the San Diego Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant. The flared biogas from the wastewater treatment plant is directed to the biofuels plant for purification and then be injected into the San Diego Gas and Electric natural gas pipeline. This renewable biomethane is then nominated for use in fuel cells at the University of California, San Diego and City of San Diego.

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